Grading System

Course grades indicate the degree of student achievement in any given course. The School has established a quality point system to be used in accumulating and summarizing these grades. This quality point system is used to determine the minimum degree of general competence for graduation and for continuing the program at any level. The point system is also used to assign special honors to students who excel. Grades are reported in accordance with the following grading system:

A - superior attainment; 4 honor points per credit hour.

B - above average attainment; 3 honor points per credit hour.

C - average attainment; 2 honor points per credit hour.

D - lowest passing grade; 1 honor point per credit hour.

F - Failure: no honor point per credit hour.

P - Passing: this grade is assigned to students satisfying the requirements in courses taken by proficiency examinations and for courses in which such a grade is required. This grade is not included in the computation of the grade point index.

NP - Not Passing: this grade is assigned to students who fail in the courses indicated under the grade "P". This grade is not included in the computation of the grade point index.

Administrative Action Symbols

The following symbols are used to indicate administrative action taken in regard to student status in courses for which they registered.

W - Course Withdrawal: Assigned when the student withdraws from a course after the end of the period for class changes and no later than the date established on the academic calendar for withdrawals with "W".

A student who cannot continue his/her studies for personal reasons may request and receive a certificate of withdrawal. The certificates will indicate the date of withdrawal and the courses that the students were taking at the time of withdrawing. Students who discontinue class attendance without officially withdrawing or who are not administratively dropped will receive grades of “F” (failure) or “NP” (Not Pass) in all their courses.

bAD - Administrative Withdrawal: Assigned when the School drops the student for reasons such as failure to meet payments or other situations warranting a drop.

I - Incomplete: When, in the judgment of the instructor, a student has justifiable reasons for not completing the requirements of a course, the instructor may assigns an "Incomplete". When the instructor assigns an "Incomplete", he/she shall report in writing to his/her immediate supervisor the grade which the student has earned up to that time and a descriptions of the unfinished work which the student must complete. If the "Incomplete" is not removed within the time specified, the student will receive a grade of "F" or "NP" in the course. This policy will apply whether or not the student is enrolled at the School for the following semester. The responsibility for removing the "Incomplete" rests on the student.To remove an "Incomplete" students should pay $19.00 at the Bursars Office.

R - Symbol used to indicate the course was repeated.

T - Symbol used to indicate the course was transferred from another institution.

Students wishing to enroll in courses for audit must do so during the official registration period of the semester. Such students must pay the course fee for auditing. Students who have not applied for admissions should do so before registering as audit students.

AU - Symbol used to indicate on student transcripts that the course was audited. No honor points or University credits are awarded.

Repeating Courses

Students will have the right to repeat courses when not satisfied with their grades. In case a course is no longer offered at the University, it will be substituted with the new course created in the curricular revision or with an equivalent course approved by the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs and Systemic Planning. The highest grade and its corresponding credits will remain on the student’s transcripts and lower grades will be changed to an R (repeated) course. When students repeat a course and obtain the same grade as in the previous term, the grade of the most recent term will appear on the transcripts. The administration action symbol “R” and its corresponding credits will not be considered in determining if a student has satisfied the graduation requirements. Courses repeated after graduations are not considered in the computation of the graduation grade point index.

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