Tuition Costs


Application $31.00 with application
Readmission $13.00 with application


Regular Program $26,250.00 annually (2 semesters)
Special Students $1,500.00 per credit hour
Auditing without credit 50% of regular credit cost per credit hour


General Fee $60.00 for semester
$50.00 for summer session
*Medical Plan According to Contract
Pharmacy Plan (optional fee) According to Contract
Access to Information Center Fee $25.00 per semester $12.00 summer session
Students and Cultural Activities Fees $37.00 per semester
Infrastructure $64.00 per semester
$40.00 per summer session
Construction, Improvement and Maintenance $63.00 per semester
$31.00 per summer session

Other Fees

Late Registration $50.00 upon registration
Withdrawal (or changes in Courses) $6.00 (only charged during the Reimbursement Period)
Course additions or changes $6.00
Deferred Payment $6.00
Overdue Deferred Payment 5% of total debt
Late Final Examination (Remove Incomplete) $19.00 per examination
Graduation $200.00 with application
Transcript of Credits $6.00 per transcript
Laboratory $38.00 per course requiring it
Clinic $38.00 per course requiring it. 1st to 2nd year students
$200.00 per course requiring it. 3rd to 4th year students
Bank Returned Check $26.00 each time check is returned
ID Card Replacement $7.00 with application
Academic Evaluation $10.00 with application

* It is mandatory that all students have a medical plan. Students with a private medical plan have to present evidence in order not to be charged.

The School of Optometry of Inter American University reserves the right to revise tuition and fee rates as well as other charges under the following circumstances:

  • When increases in compensation, operational or capital expenditures occur.
  • When budget projections indicate probable increases in compensation, operational or capital expenditures.
  • When, after careful consideration of any specific situation, the administration of the University decides that adjustments to tuition and fee rates or other charges are reasonable and justified.

In all cases, a revision of the tuition and fee rates and/or other charges must be announced at least fifteen (15) days before the date payments are due.

There will be no reimbursement after the fourth day of class.
Fees and other charges are not refundable after classes begin.

Cost of Education (2013 - 2014)

BOOKS & SUPPLIES 625 920 570 300
BOARD* 4,100 4,100 4,100 4,100
ROOM* 5,850 5,850 5,850 5,850
EQUIPMENT** 2,500 4,200 950 450
PERSONAL EXPENSES* 2,100 2,100 3,000 3,500
TRANSPORTATION* 1,550 1,550 1,550 2,500^
TABLET PC 1,869 0 0 0
TUITION*** 26,000 25,750 25,500 25,500
GENERAL FEES** 664 702 874 874
TOTAL 44,258 44,422 41,844 42,574

*This item was adjusted according to information provided by students in the survey, also using the inflation rate and the price index for last year.

**Adjusted based on inflation rate

*** Include adjustments to tuition and fees

^This item is subject to change based on student externship agreement


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