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What is VOSH?What is VOSH?

VOSH stands for Voluntary Optometry Services for Humanity! Internationally the primary mission of VOSH is to give the gift of sight and provide ocular health care to the individuals who are unable to receive proper treatment. These services are aimed at individuals who do not have the access to eye care either because they do not have the local services available to them or they are unable to afford it. The World Health Organization partnered with VOSH in 2001 with the pledge to “Eliminate Preventable Blindness by the Year 2020”.


How do the IAUPR School of Optometry members help!

VOSH Puerto RicoSVOSH is a Student Organization in which the members volunteer their time and services to help humanity. Each semester the committee members of IAUPR School of Optometry perform optometric services to help the less fortunate. We as student members have a goal to make sure everyone has the access to the proper eye care. Our services include local communities within the island of Puerto Rico, as well as two trips to Dominican Republic each year. Locally, we involve ourselves in screening that includes preschools, health fairs and more so we can reach everyone in need. All of our member’s dedications are aimed towards the benefit of our patients in order to provide the best primary eye care to everyone, so we too can help fight preventable blindness.


VOSH Puerto Rico

Our voluntary efforts include:

  1. Collection of new and used eyeglasses/readers from many sources.
  2. Cleans, sorts, and classifies these donated eyeglasses.
  3. Purchase medications and health care supplies that will be distributed at the screenings.
  4. Plans mission trips to countries where vision care is not available.
  5. Holds vision care clinics in different countries.
  6. Plans screenings for the general public.
  7. Distributes the processed glasses to the people examined at these clinics and screenings.


How do we get the funding?

In order to make our screenings possible we do fundraisers and get donations! Donations come in the form of scholarships, grants as well as donations from outside sources. Donations are always appreciated and our sponsors are held to the highest respect!

VOSH Puerto Rico

Do you want to make a donation?

Send donations or used glasses to:

VOSH Program
IAUPR School of Optometry
500 John Will Harris
Bayamón, PR 00957



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