First Step: Go to our catalog and find the book you need by typing the author, title or keyword in the search box.

Second Step: Filter Limit to -> Available in Library Collection & Source Type -> Books

Third Step: Identify the book you want, make sure that we (Optometría) have it in our holdings, and write the following information in a paper (or take a screenshot or even a photo): Title, Location & Call No.

Fourth Step: If it’s located in the Circulation or Boards Collections, you can locate the book yourself, use the Call No. to alphabetically find it. Do not hesitate to ask for help to any of our librarians.  And if it’s in other Collections, request it at the Reserve Counter. 

Fifth Step: Go the Reserve Counter and a librarian will do the rest.

Check out the loan periods for each collection, HERE.

First Step: For articles – Identify the following information: Title / Author / Journal’s Name / Volume / Issue / Year / Pages & For book chapters –  Title / Author / Book’s Title / Edition or Year / Requested Chapter(s) / Chapter’s Title / Pages

Second Step: Fill out this form.

Third Step: We will contact you with information about your request.

First Step: Check out this brochure.

First Step: Check out this brochure.