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Interamericana University Optometry

The Center for Informatics and Telecommunications (CIT) offers various services to the academic and administrative community of the IAUPR School of Optometry.

Among these services are:


  • Technical assistance and counseling
  • Individualized and group aid in the installation and/or use of software and equipment
  • Troubleshooting of laptop issues. 
  • Laptop configuration for connecting to the wireless network
  • Laptop and/or router configuration for Internet access within the IAUPR Optometry dorms. 


  • Technical assistance and counseling
  • Training in the use of different software
  • Document conversion (Optical Character Recognition – OCR) of documents to digital media.
  • Scanning of images
  • Conversion of image format from/to different formats. 
  • Preparation of PowerPoint presentations for classes
  • Help in the publication of materials for journals, email, and/or the School’s webpage

Due to COVID-19 measures, we will attend to students by email for password issues. If router or laptop configuration or diagnostic is needed, you should book an appointment with one of us using the button below.

Book an appointment with IAUPR School of Optometry CIT Office schedule

Important Policies and Documents

Contact Information

Office Email


Efraín A. Colón Santiago
IT System Administrator
(787)765-1915 Ext. #1024


Fidel De Jesús
Network Technician
(787)765-1915 Ext. #1115