Wireless Access for the School of Optometry

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The wireless system has been installed and configured thru the whole School of Optometry.

To gain access to the system please have the following ready:

  • Bring your laptop / PDA / wireless device to the CIT Office. It is Office 160 on the 1st floor, 1st door to the left of the elevator.  Only laptops and tablets/ PDA’s are allowed on the wireless network. This is to avoid unnecessary congestion from other types of devices.
  • Please have your laptop turned on, ready to work with. That helps avoid unnecessary delays for fellow students waiting to be attended. The wireless configuration takes less than 2 minutes.
  • Have your antivirus enabled and up-to-date.
  • Have your laptop updated (drivers, Windows Updates, etc.) before bringing it.
  • If your laptop needs maintenance (defragmenting, virus-check, spyware cleaning, etc.) please make an appointment to schedule a time to work with it. Last-minute checks (unless it is an emergency situation) just creates delays for people already waiting for service.
  • Once your laptop / PDA / wireless device is configured, you do not need to bring it again unless you reinstall the device and need the wireless key configured again.